Permission structures can be as complex as each individual organization, which is why 8MAN provides accurate and intuitive views to visualize each relationship and grouping, regardless of company size, locations or industry sector.

Identify Discrepancies

The visualization of objects within file server, Active Directory and SharePoint environments highlights discrepancies immediately and allows for quick and easy optimization. This is especially valuable in creating awareness of IT security issues beyond the IT department and allows non-technical roles to help ensure the security of sensitive company data.

Generate Quick Reports

8MAN includes a variety of pre-configured reports, which are constantly developed in close cooperation with our customers. Our comprehensive reporting suite allows administrators, managers and heads of departments to easily understand existing access rights.

Empower Data Owners

It is now possible to delegate some responsibilities to heads of departments and data owners, thereby reducing the workload of IT administrators while improving the quality of access rights decisions. 8MAN also allows for the continued management of access rights, even in outsourcing situations.


Show a comprehnsive overview of the access rights situation to resources in your organization.


Monitor security relevant activities in Active Directory and your file servers.


Regulate the creation of new user accounts, the administration of rights and the editing of account details.


Record a wide range of events in your Logbook and produce audit proof reports.


Shorten your access rights management process and only involve the most important actors.

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8MAN-Addons Overview

8MAN provides clarity concerning the permission situation in the Active Directory. The AD Logga extends this transparency to the entire change history in the system. Thereby, activities performed outside of 8MAN are also recorded. Additionally, security-related temporary group memberships and the resulting uncontrolled (unmonitored) assignment of permissions are immediately visible.


Comprehensive detection of activities with regard to accounts, objects, groups and attributes is enabled by means of configurable reports. 

Administrators obtain a complete picture of activities in the AD. This allows for optimising any processes or policies that are found lacking.

Auditors are able to identify security incidents and the players involved. This allows authorized users to take appropriate actions. 

This gives the management reassurances that no problems will re-occur. With its monitoring, the AD Logga provides the data for internal security and process enhancements

8MATE for Exchange enables you to expand  8MAN to email resources. Thus, analysis and administration of permissions take place centrally and in line with the access management for other applications. In the familiar 8MAN overview, you see at a glance who is authorised to access public folders, mailboxes, mailbox folders and, for instance, calendars.


The administration of Exchange is essential to the onboarding process. The setup of mailboxes and assignment of permissions takes place right in 8MAN. Changes made with 8MAN are documented and are audit-proof.


Apart from the analysis and administration of permissions in Exchange, 8MATE has additional features:

The ability to create Out-of-Office notifications without accessing an email account.

Listing of proxies for mailboxes and Send As permissions.

Administration of mail box sizes



8MAN clearly displays the permissions structure on file servers. FS Logga extends this transparency to the entire access and change history in the system. Thereby, activities performed outside of 8MAN are also recorded. Security-related temporary permissions and modifications to monitored directories can be immediately verified.


Permission modifications can be detected by means of configurable reports. Access to and modifications of sensitive data such as deleting, copying, moving and writing is recorded  by the FS Logga. 

Administrators obtain a complete picture of the activities that take place on the file server. Thus, authorisation processes can be optimised.

Auditors recognise security incidents with sensitive data and can identify the players involved.

The management has certainty. With its monitoring, FS Logga provides the data for more security and process enhancements and makes abuse completely traceable.



It is more efficient to have the authorisation and assigning of permissions to occur at the same time. Thus, only the necessary individuals are involved in the process. 8MATE GrantMA uses a workflow in which only the individual employees and their superiors (data owner) are involved.


The employees requests their access rights via a web portal.

The data owners decide on the access rights in their department.


The GrantMA workflow has the following advantages:

The administrator is no longer involved in the process and can now focus on his core responsibilities.

The data owner, who is most familiar with the information structure of the department decides on the release of data and assigns the rights - all in one step.

Changes that have been made are recorded in audit-proof manner in the 8MAN logbook.

8MATE for SharePoint integrates all SharePoint resources in 8MAN. The analysis and administration of permissions takes place centrally and in line with the access rights management of other applications. 

You will benefit immensely from 8MAN's unique ability to display, analyse and change access rights. 

8MAN displays the permissions in a tree structure. This allows you to quickly see who is authorised to access a given SharePoint resource. Using the scan comparison report, you can find out who has made changes to permissions and what they were, and you obtain a protocol of all activities that have been undertaken. 
8MATE for SharePoint allows you to assign all permissions in the 8MAN interface. By using the Group Wizard and assigning naming conventions, you can standardise your authorisation assignment process. 

The 8MATE for vSphere scans and searches permissions of all vSphere resources. It also shows through which group memberships a user receives rights. Thus, the 8MATE creates the prerequisites for early detection of harmful security vulnerabilities. For standard processes, 8MATE has preconfigured permission concepts on file. An actual-ideal comparison is used to determine the appropriate permission concept for each role. Unnecessary permissions can subsequently be removed in vSphere.

The 8MATE for vSphere has a special functional feature. Controversial rights, such as "Create snapshot" can be called up directly in 8MATE. In an overview you see immediately who has this permission on which virtual machines.