IT Automation

With IT automation solutions (partly or wholly automated) a company can reduce up to 70% of their level one IT tasks and 30 to 40% of the level two tasks. Other major outcomes can be:

  • Load relief from routine tasks
  • Up to 41% freed up resources to the benefit of strategic projects – mistakes in the configuration of complex systems are avoided
  • Cost savings
  • Decreased efforts in application support and reduced recruitment needs of up to 50%
  • Less downtime in the IT systems operation
  • Reducing systems downtime by more than 200 hours per year and avoiding complete system failures
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Faster process time for incidents and improvement of SLA requirements
  • Cross-system processes executable via self-service
  • IT resources and services can be selected by departments using workflows
  • Short ROI time and lessened TCO expenses
  • In employing automation solutions ROI is kept short and the TCO low

There are different automation methods and technologies which all aim at the increase of efficiency and cost optimization. Automation solutions are used in areas of IT service management and data center management. However, it is challenging to find a technology that can execute cross-platform automation especially in the case of data center management.

The comprehensive automation of your routine tasks

"Desktop Automation" is the technological heart of ACMP. The so-called client commands help to manage all administrative tasks on server and client systems without any need for programming knowledge. Automation is the key for an efficient IT-management, from software distribution to patch management through to complete desktop deployment.


Source: Aagon