The mobile industry is changing rapidly. Yet there are certain principles that are never out of fashion. Startups crave them to grow. Executives demand them for business of so different fields as e-commerce, social media, real estate, enterprise and entertainment. We share these principles and work accordingly.

In-depth analysis

Before getting down to mobile app development, we research the market, trying to browse through the work of both your native business practices and offshore ones. We also pay attention to the metrics when working on any project updates.

Timely Delivery

Even when something is not working as planned, we are warning you in advance and change the schedule to still hit the deadline.

Keeping up with technology

We regularly learn new secrets and tools of mobile app development.


Our team of developers works in perfect sync with our QAs and designers to provide you with the best web & mobile apps. We make your ideas come to life with our in-depth development of MVPs that have full potential to become an outstanding product your customers love!

UI/UX Design

Customer satisfaction matters. We start from detailed analysis of your market and target audience and proceed to work on seamless flow and appealing look of your app.

Our expertise

  • User experience analysis
  • Functioning wireframe
  • Full set of mockups
  • Clear and consistent visual language
  • UI guide

Mobile App Development

We’ve built Android and iOS mobile apps for the companies all over the world, proficient in different industries. Sys4it's professional developers are always open for new challenges.

Our expertise

  • Java and Kotlin for Android
  • Swift and Objective-C for iOS
  • Cross-version Compatibility
  • Cross-screen UX
  • Agile project management

Web Development

Get a fast-loading, seamlessly designed web app as a separate product or together with a mobile app. We control the process from strategic stage to the final tests.

Our expertise

  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Angular JS and Angular 2
  • Bootstrap
  • API Services

QA Services

We guarantee that your app works properly and gets improved regularly by the broad scope of manual and automated QA services.

Our expertise

  • Agile project management
  • Automated and manual testing
  • Variety of testing objects
  • Component, integration, end-to-end testing
  • Best QAs and programmers

Extended team

We’ve been working on the extended team model right from the company’s inception. Our goal is to perfect the process and provide you with a team that has the core competencies you are looking for. Our management takes responsibility to ensure consistent delivery of quality services as well as provide you with full control of the development lifecycle. Through our Extended Team Model, we guarantee that our clients achieve fast, competitive advantages beyond being simply cost effective.

Managed product

Through our Managed Product Model, we take upon ourselves all development and design responsibilities, from a feasibility study, proof of concept up to the market launch. Still, you remain an essential part of the process by providing your feedback and vision. Our well-versed team of developers will walk with you every step of the way to ensure that you end up with a real worthy product that is well-tested and developed, no matter how small or grand your idea’s scope is.

Managed Service

Managed Service Model is suitable for those companies that need assistance with just one of our services: development, design or QA. We can readily provide you with a team (or single specialist) and have the project done strictly according to your brief. With this type of collaboration, you give our experts the challenges that need to be overcome, and we ensure quality solutions and timely delivery.